Free The Girls


Free The Girls works “alongside safe houses around the world that rescue women from sex trafficking and provide rehabilitation services. [Donations help] survivors of human trafficking make a living selling used clothing while they recover and build their new life.”

How many bras do you have that you never wear? Pre-baby bras (you know they’re not coming back in to play)? Online orders you can’t return? You’ve been hoarding them for a day such as this. Here’s the gist: Free The Girls collects donated bras, creating an inventory of product for recently freed women. Business education and start-up inventory are provided. Further inventory can be purchased from the organization at a less-than-wholesale price to encourage entrepreneurship and business management. Please visit the links to further understand the wonderful process.

Please join me in freeing the girls (wink, wink) to increase the opportunity of success for many women who’ve been rescued from tragic despair. Please help Free The Girls.

Locals: I will be hosting a drop-off day with complimentary treats and refreshments, date TBD. Please use the meantime to spread the word and collect as many bras as possible! Ask your friends, family, co-workers, classmates, church, book club, scrapbook club, rodeo club, quilting club, etc. to donate any unneeded bra to help Free The Girls.  There will be a gift for the top donor! I will keep you updated with dates and drop-off locations.

Non-Locals: Please ship your unneeded bras directly to the domestic sorting center at: Free The Girls 1552 Pioneer Trail Chesterton, IN  46304 or one of the listed drop-off centers. Please follow this link for instructions.


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