Where Have All The Women Gone?

There have undoubtedly been numerous revisions to the state of womanhood in the last few decades. I am continually astounded with a newer trend- a change in the beauty of a woman altogether.

There’s also been an increase of homosexual males, the “flamers”, who have taken on a more traditionally feminine roll. “Metrosexual” men have now become the norm (this tragedy will need it’s own post/s).  I assume women have followed suit. Pun intended.

Women have accepted the challenge to fill the missing male role, but women are vain creatures. Instead of seeing a remarkable rise in actual beneficial behaviors we’re witnessing a sad decrease in actual femininity, beauty and class. In the search for equality we’ve found gender homogenization. Plainly put, females are becoming visually indistinguishable from males.

One example can be found in female bodybuilders. The “bikini competitors” are essentially drastically over-tanned teenage boys. If it weren’t for the ease of a simple boob job and falsies we’d be left to seriously wonder. Hence, the desperate need for gaudy sequins and deadly obvious stilettos (the only gender identifiers). Consider also the health detriments endured when seeking only visual results to be seen and judged by other people.

Free pornography anyone? Can we install a “broken heart” symbol to easily dislike the spam and pop up Instagram and Pinterest photos we don’t want to see? Please tell me I am not the only woman out there who considers this trend disturbing and classless.

“If you spend your life sparing people’s feelings and feeding their vanity, you get so you can’t distinguish what should be respected in them.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Another example are the CrossFit beasts. I don’t believe that CrossFit in and of itself is detrimental. I do think that the competition portion of the “sport” defeats its own purpose. Not to mention the resulting insane number of injuries. By “beasts”, I’m refering to the women who have found their Brunhilde niche, forsaking the allure of feminine delicacy.

We seem to be so frustrated with men disrespecting “the lesser sex” that we can’t see our own self-debasement. We so easily point a finger with one hand, meanwhile the other has opened the door to allow the advantages.

“We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.” – Marilyn Monroe


One thought on “Where Have All The Women Gone?

  1. Marilyn Monroe is no the best example of womanhood, but she was an example of taste and fashion that wasn’t the result of decades of influence from Barbie, to stupid magazines, and now the drug-addled internet generation that thinks everyone should conform to one VERY specific, and highly fetish driven standard of beauty that in no way is representative of the truly healthy woman.

    I think a truly healthy person is healthy from the inside out. A healthy mind that is in control of impulses, appetites, habits, and priorities will lead a person through a path that will lead to a healthy body as a result.

    A person with an unhealthy mind who thinks their intake and exercise regimen will make them healthy could be right in the short term but will eventually fall into unhealthy habits, fetishes, appetites, impulses, etc. That is why I think we’re seeing these seemingly healthy people becoming OCD about having one specific body part look a certain way, or needing to look different than their body naturally is (plastic surgery, implants, etc.). Their outward appearance is revealing the truth about their overall health.

    When you realize what’s truly important in your short little life these things are put into perspective for what they are; lies, traps, bondage, and empty busy-ness that keep people from the real work of becoming the best, truly healthy people they can be.

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