Absolutely Free Homeschooling Curriculum

My son is 3 years old. I started home-preschooling him less than a year ago, and my goal is to continue to homeschool through elementary…if it’s still legal. A friend told me about this wonderful site called “ABC Jesus Loves Me” where you can print everything you want from their website 100% free or opt to buy bound workbook materials (which I did and am very happy with).

The website is laid out very clearly and is easy to navigate. They offer lesson plans for ages 2-5, additional activities relevant to the lessons and also book referrals. The lessons follow the normal school year and incorporate holidays and seasons into the learning. They teach the normal preschool curriculum in addition to bible verses, stories and songs.

The lessons are intended to last a week so there’s no urgency (or guilt) involved in having to keep a strict daily schedule. In fact, I’ve gone weeks without opening the book (bringing home baby 2) and we just picked up right where we left off…coloring Easter eggs in May. He didn’t care.

It’s really a great website and a great resource for moms who want to prep for homeschooling. It’s even just a great place to drop in and print off some fun coloring sheets! They give you a sense of what homeschooling will be like and help you start to prepare your brain for the work ahead!

I’m grateful for the awesome developers who find joy in sharing their gift!


2 thoughts on “Absolutely Free Homeschooling Curriculum

  1. That’s so good to hear! I bought the printed/bound curriculum last year, but realized the forced self-prep would actually be more beneficial for me. I’m already more organized and school doesn’t technically start for another two weeks 🙂

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