The More You Lose, The Better You Are

I believe our job in life is to be the best version of ourselves we can. If you read blogs or have blogs it’s probably because you’re looking for ways to be better at something. With so many resources available it’s often difficult to know what example to follow or where to even begin.

Luckily, I stumbled into something that has been invigorating yet simple. Minimizing & Optimizing. It started out of necessity. In previous posts I wrote that I went from a size 10 to a size 4 pretty effortlessly through changing my living and eating habits to reflect that of the Primal Blueprint. I was left with loads of clothes I could not longer fit into, nor did I ever plan on fitting into again. 30 pairs of jeans. 30! I found a local “swap/exchange” group via facebook and sold them for $100 within a few days. Since then I’ve raided my house for the STUFF I’ve accumulated and have had great success selling it without the hassle of a yard sale.

I am not a trend shopper. I’m not a brand-namer. I don’t really wear accessories at all. It still amazes me how much I own! This process has opened my eyes the abundance of junk I’ve been holding on to. Hence, the minimization in progress. This selling platform has made posting items lots easier.

Now for the optimization. The focus has changed from “new” to “quality.” I want the essentials and I want them to be awesome. Like I said, I do not care about fashion or brands or keeping up with the Jones’. So, my optimization is aimed at attaining long-lasting, quality goods and utilities rather than status symbols. For example, part of my checklist is opting out of decor for the sake of appearance (except for family photos, of course). I’m just getting started and I’m excited to already see how freeing the process is.

7/10/14: I just came across Ruth’s blog on this very thing! She is no longer updating it, but her past entries are golden. Visit her blog here.


2 thoughts on “The More You Lose, The Better You Are

  1. So great, Alli! I love this, and I’m in the same frame of mind right now! I highly recommend the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker. It’s about this subject. And it’s hilarious, too!

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