Free The Girls

Free The Girls works “alongside safe houses around the world that rescue women from sex trafficking and provide rehabilitation services. [Donations help] survivors of human trafficking make a living selling used clothing while they recover and build their new life.” How many bras do you have that you never wear? Pre-baby bras (you know they’re not coming back […]

Where Have All The Women Gone?

There have undoubtedly been numerous revisions to the state of womanhood in the last few decades. I am continually astounded with a newer trend- a change in the beauty of a woman altogether. There’s also been an increase of homosexual males, the “flamers”, who have taken on a more traditionally feminine roll. “Metrosexual” men have now […]

Marijuana and Other Herbs

I stumbled upon a lone marijuana plant in my very own backyard garden. I counted down the minutes until my husband walked through the door, knowing my children would be confiscated if I’d sent him a picture or discussed over the phone the weed(s) growing near our home. My nervousness quickly turned to sheer pride […]

How Alcohol Made Uber Better

I have been reading articles about the massive success of Uber. I have been so interested in seeing new markets opening up and watching a new stream of intelligent leaders surfacing. It’s invigorating. There’s an article in particular I want to share.   Most People Won’t From an interview with designer/artist/soul searcher Elle Luna: So I was […]

Absolutely Free Homeschooling Curriculum

My son is 3 years old. I started home-preschooling him less than a year ago, and my goal is to continue to homeschool through elementary…if it’s still legal. A friend told me about this wonderful site called “ABC Jesus Loves Me” where you can print everything you want from their website 100% free or opt […]

Complainers Never Prosper

Seth Godin is a favorite of mine. I’ve been soaking up his TED talks and blog posts and came across a recent post that encourages me. “Better might be difficult, better might involve overcoming unfair barriers, but better is definitely possible. And the belief that it’s possible is a gift… Better is a dream worth dreaming.” That’s what life is […]

The More You Lose, The Better You Are

I believe our job in life is to be the best version of ourselves we can. If you read blogs or have blogs it’s probably because you’re looking for ways to be better at something. With so many resources available it’s often difficult to know what example to follow or where to even begin. Luckily, […]